Penney Bones

Coordinating patients’ schedules with those of Dr.Ainley, the Dental Assistants and the Hygienists is a crucial part of maintaining an orderly office flow. It allows office personnel the advantage of not bumping into and stumbling over one another with an added benefit of minimizing patient wait time.

Although Scheduling Coordinator is Penny’s primary job function, you could also say that she is the face of our clinic, since hers is most often the first face you see when you visit us. Likewise, it is her voice you’ll often hear when you call for an appointment. All of which is a matter of design.
Penny was chosen for the position because of combined elements of an extensive medical office background, bolstered by her congenial smile and a cheerful disposition.
A Rector Native, Penny began her career in 1987 as a Dental Assistant in Training for Dr Charles Ainley (Dr. Alan Ainley’s father) in Paragould. Previous positions found her in medical offices in Greene and Craighead counties as she added Dental Assistant, Insurance Coordination, Customer Service, and Patient Records to her expanding resume.

That background experience made Penny the natural choice in 2008 when Dr. Alan Ainley started interviewing to fill this critical position.
“I truly love the job, “she says, “Plus I have an occasional opportunity to fill in as a Dental Assistant, something I still enjoy.”

As Penny’s professional credentials expanded, so did her family. She met and married Shad Bones, an Oregon native. They are blessed with three beautiful children, Elyse, Logan and Taylor. What do they enjoy doing when not pursuing professions and raising kids? “Whenever time permits, “Penny admits, “We enjoy riding our motorcycles” and, as such, are involved in numerous charity bike rides throughout the year, raising money to help worthwhile causes” Wave if you see her on the road, she’s sure to wave back. Or call her and schedule a dental appointment. She’ll be smiling when you get here – Guaranteed.