Endodontics is the branch of dentistry dealing with the cause, diagnosis, prevention,and treatment of diseases of the dental pulp, usually by removal of the nerve and other tissue of the pulp cavity and its replacement with suitable filling material; pulp canal therapy; root canal therapy. Dr. Ainley is fully qualified and highly experienced at this specialty. The most common procedure in endodontics is also known as root canal. When the area of the tooth containing the nerves and blood supply becomes damaged or infected, you know it by the excruciating pain you feel in the diseased tooth. At our office in Paragould, AR,endodontics is used to repair teeth damaged or diseased in this way. Symptoms of nerve damage or infection that may require endodontics include severe tooth pain, darkening of the tooth, sensitivity to heat and cold, and swelling, tenderness, or recurring pimples on the gums. Sometimes, however, no symptoms appear, yet endodontics may still be essential to maintain the health of the mouth. Endodontics is usually not a painful procedure. However, having Dr. Alan Ainley tell you that you need a root canal performed on a tooth has traditionally been one of the most fear-provoking things a dentist could say to a patient. But at Ainley Family Dental Care, if pain is anticipated or if just the word “root canal” sends shivers down your spine, we offer many solutions to relieve you of any pain during the procedure. Once the root canal is completed, it is typical to experience some discomfort for a few days. Most patients find that over the counter drugs, such as Ibuprofen or Naproxen, are quite effective in elimination this discomfort, but Dr. Ainley can prescribe something more potent if necessary or desired. The bottom line is that you should ignore the old stigma associated with root canals, because today painless, one-visit root canals can now be performed. Contact Ainley Family Dental Carefor more information about endodontics or to schedule an appointment. If you are experiencing any problems after an Endodontic Procedure, or have any concerns about your recovery, please do not hesitate to call Ainley Family Dental Care at  870-239-2285