Dental surgery is any of a number of medical procedures involving the modifying the development of teeth and their arrangement in the mouth, teeth and jaw bones. The various types are listed in the drop-down menu on this page.  As with any surgery, certain care must be taken to avoid infections and to promote healing. Sometimes a tooth that is severely damaged may need to be removed. Removing wisdom teeth or extracting irreparably damaged or diseased teeth are two of the many procedures where oral surgery is used. Removing a tooth is necessary when decay or an abscessed tooth is so severe that no other treatment will cure the infection and it can help keep infection from spreading to other areas of your mouth. The following list is applicable to any and all surgical procedures performed at Ainley Family Dental unless otherwise instructed by Dr. Ainley or your attending dental professional. POST SURGERY INFORMATION What To Expect After Surgery In most cases, the recovery period lasts only a few days. The following will help speed recovery:

  • Take painkillers as prescribed by Dr. Alan Ainley or oral surgeon.
  • Eat soft foods, such as gelatin, pudding, or a thin soup. Gradually add solid foods to your diet as healing progresses.
  • Change gauze pads before they become soaked with blood.
  • Relax after surgery. Physical activity may increase bleeding.
  • Rinse your mouth with warm salt water several times a day to reduce swelling and relieve pain. Make your own salt water by mixing 1 tsp (5 g) of salt in a medium-sized glass [8 fl oz (237 mL)] of warm water.
  • Do not lie flat. This may prolong bleeding. Prop up your head with pillows.
  • Avoid rubbing the area with your tongue.
  • Continue to carefully brush your teeth and tongue.

Contact Ainley Family Dental Care for more information about tooth extraction or to schedule an appointment. If you are experiencing any problems after an Oral Surgical Procedure, or have any concerns about your recovery, please do not hesitate to call Ainley Family Dental Care at  870-239-2285